Recensions of Transcription in Roman Script of SP etexts.

Two traditions

Central Asia (CA) and Gilgit-Nepal (G-N) of SP Manuscripts' Etexts.
Manuscripts of CA tradition are older than those of G-N one.


Abbreviations: manuscripts, copy age: Manuscript of Recensions of Transcription in Roman Script.


<Central Asia>

(1) Lüshun: the Lüshun Museum Collection, around middle of 5th century: 

          Jiang Zhonbxin ed., Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Fragments from the Lüshn Museum Collection Facsimile Edition and Romanized Text, Tokyo 1997.

(2) M: the Minorov’s note of Dutt edition, unknown: 

         N. Dutt ed., Saddharmapuṇḍarīkasūtra, with N.D.Mironov‘s Readings from Central Asian MSS. Bibliotheca India, Calcutta 1953.

(3) FB: the Farhād-Bēg fragments, around 5-6th century: 

         H. Toda ed., Saddharmapuṇḍarīkasūtra, Central Asian Manuscripts, Romanized Text (= Th), Part Two, Tokushima 1981.


(4) Kh: the Khādaliq fragments, around 7-8th century: 

         K. Wille ed., Fragments of a Manuscript of the  Saddharmapuṇḍarīka-sūtra from Khādaliq, Tokyo 2000.


(5) Stein: the Stein Collection from Khādalik, unknown: Th Part Three III.


(6) SLC: the Stein and Le Coq, unknown: Th Part Three IV.


(7) SH: the Stein and Hoernle Collections, unknown: Th Part Three IV.

(8) O: the Kashgar, 9-10th century: Th Part One.



<Revised texts>

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